Benefits of Electric Cars


Discover the Benefits of Electric Cars

Traverse City drivers know there are many benefits of electric cars, from better fuel economy to helping the environment. These days, more and more electric vehicles are offered on the new car and pre-owned vehicle market, making it easier than ever before to switch to an electric car. From the environmental benefits of electric cars to tax incentives, here Audi Traverse City covers the many benefits of electric cars. Contact us if you would like to get behind the wheel of an electric vehicle today. 

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

There are many benefits of electric vehicles, and we're confident that an EV will easily fit into your Garfield Township lifestyle. You'll appreciate the fact that EVs are usually packed full of state-of-the-art technology and all the latest features. Some other benefits of electric cars include:

  • Quieter Drive: If you enjoy a nice quiet ride, you'll appreciate this benefit of electric cars. Since they don't have an engine, there's less noise generated!
  • Renewable Energy: Another great environmental benefit of electric cars is that they often use different types of renewable energy, like water, solar, or wind. 
  • Zero Emissions: One of the leading environmental benefits of electric cars is that they produce nearly zero tailpipe emissions. Most electric cars don't include an exhaust system, so exhaust emissions are not something you'll ever need to worry about.
  • Less Maintenance: Full electric vehicles don't have combustion engines, so they don't ever need engine oil! Imagine never having to remember to get an oil change again!
  • Performance: Car enthusiasts love electric cars because they provide unbeatable performance on Interlochen roads. Most electric vehicle motors produce near-instantaneous torque! So, prepare for the thrill of some Gs when you step on the accelerator! 

Along with the environmental benefits of electric cars, many other perks come with buying EVs, like tax savings and incentives that will save you money. We suggest you talk with our finance specialists or your CPA for the details.

Experience the Benefits of Electric Vehicles at Audi of Traverse City!

Are you ready to take the next steps in switching to an electric vehicle? Start the process by applying for financing or getting a value for your trade online. For all of your electric car needs around Elmwood Chater Township, trust Audi of Traverse City. Our cars are affordable, and we promise we'll work hard to get you a payment you can handle. Contact us online or drop by the dealership today!