Premium vs. Regular Gas

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When you pull up to the gas station, should you choose regular gas or premium? That depends on your particular vehicle. While some cars need premium gas to achieve peak performance, others can use either type without an issue. Find out the difference between premium and regular gas with the experts at Audi Traverse City, and be sure to get more service tips with us in Traverse City.

Premium Gas vs. Regular: What is Premium Gasoline? 

Comparing premium gas vs. regular, why opt for premium? Both types of gasoline are produced from crude oil to power your vehicle, but the two have different formulations. Premium gasoline has a higher octane rating, around 90 or above, while regular gasoline has a lower rating. A higher octane rating is a big benefit for high-performance vehicles, but regular cars can also use premium without any issue.

Premium Gas vs. Regular: What is Regular Unleaded Gasoline? 

The difference between premium and regular gas is the octane rating, but does that mean regular gas is worse? No, regular gasoline is the most common type of gas used on the Garfield Township and Kalkaska roads. And while regular gasoline in the past contained lead, modern formulations are lead-free and much better for the environment. Regular gasoline tends to be less expensive, and it works well in a variety of vehicles.

The Difference Between Premium and Regular Gas

So, should you choose regular gas or premium? Here's a brief rundown on how the differences between premium vs. regular gas affect your driving experience:

  • Octane Rating: Higher octane ratings mean less chance of the pre-ignition, also called "engine knocking." This is important for vehicles with a turbocharged or supercharged engine, which is why luxury and performance vehicles typically use premium.
  • Engine Suitability: Regular gas burns faster than premium gas, so it works well in engines with low-compression ratios. Premium works better with cars with high-compression ratios.
  • Price: Premium gas can cost 20 to 40 cents more per gallon than regular. So if you don't need the benefits of premium gasoline, you can save money by filling up with regular gas in Interlochen.

While performance and luxury cars will see the greatest benefits from using premium, any car can use regular gas or premium without an issue. Neither formula will harm your engine. But if you use regular gas and notice engine knocking, consider switching to premium for a smoother performance.

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