Knowing the colors of the fluids in your vehicle can clue you into what's wrong when you notice a leak. It's for this reason that our technicians are often asked, "what color is transmission fluid?" Well, transmission fluid is specially dyed to make it easy to identify. Brand-new transmission fluid is translucent and dark red. If you have red fluid leaking from your car, then that's your transmission fluid. You and other Garfield Township-area drivers can learn more about transmission fluid in this helpful guide. Contact our service center if you have any questions while reading it. 

How to Check Transmission Fluid: a Color Guide

As you drive around Interlochen, your transmission fluid will darken in color. This can also happen if contaminants get past a malfunctioning transmission filter. If you're wondering how to check transmission fluid yourself, here's a basic color guide: 

  • Brand-new fluid: Dark red

  • Normal: Darker brick red

  • Service your vehicle soon: Deep blood red/rust red

  • Service your vehicle immediately: Burnt/almost black 

What Does Red Fluid Leaking from your Car Mean?  

If you see red fluid leaking from your car, then your car is leaking transmission fluid. There are actually multiple ways to identify a transmission leak. Here are some signs you might notice as you drive around Elmwood Charter Township: 

  • Smell: Usually, transmission fluid smells like petroleum. When the fluid needs to be changed, it'll smell burnt instead.

  • Consistency: You can also identify transmission fluid by its consistency. It looks and feels oily and slick. 

  • Where Your Vehicle is Leaking: A transmission fluid leak usually occurs at the front of the car from the middle. 

Transmission Fluid Tips

Now that you know the answer to "what color is transmission fluid?" and how to check transmission fluid, here are some tips for caring for your car's transmission:

  • Use the Right Fluid: As automatic transmission systems advance, some need a particular transmission fluid. Check your owner's manual to find out the right automatic transmission fluid. 

  • Follow your Recommended Maintenance Schedule: Your owner's manual will also contain a recommended maintenance schedule for your transmission. Be sure to follow it! 

  • Don't Shirk your Transmission Service: Your local authorized dealership will know when to inspect and replace transmission components or perform a transmission flush, so be sure to listen when they advise you on your transmission. 

You Can Count on Serra Audi Traverse City for Your Service Needs

If your car is leaking transmission fluid or your transmission fluid is dark and needs to be changed, have our term in Traverse City check out your car for you. Schedule service with us online and we'll help you as soon as possible. Check out our other service and parts tips to learn more about caring for your vehicle!